Room House Designs

Room House Designs This simple 2-room house design is becoming a trend because it is considered ideal for millennial first homes. Even though it seems small, this simple 2-room house can still accommodate and meet all needs. For you millennials who are looking for a simple 2 bedroom house design.

10 Simple 2 Room House Designs

1. Simple 2 Room House Design with Master Bedroom

Not just one, you can create two master bedrooms in a minimalist house with limited land. Like the layout above, on the same floor you can have two spacious bedrooms as long as the space placement is appropriate. You don’t need too many partitions, leave the dining room, kitchen and living room open to avoid a narrow impression. Even in the kitchen you can also make a minimalist mini bar using a cabinet table.

2. Simple 2-room house design with a garden in the middle

Imagine if the first time you wake up in the morning, what you see is a fragrant green atmosphere from the garden in the middle of the house. Currently the placement of the garden does not always have to be made in front or back of the house, but in the middle of the house you can. It’s even better if you add the gurgling of pool water which is soothing and tired after working all day with a busy millennial routine. To make it cooler, place plant pots in several corners of the house.

3. Simple house design with 2 children’s rooms

Almost all marriages are always inserted with the aim of having children. So for that, plans to build a house should also include preparing a room or room for your future children. There’s nothing wrong with preparing ahead of time. Rather, it becomes a prayer. In this example of a 2-room minimalist home design, for example, the children’s room was created with neutral shades of white. White is a unisex color, unlike pink, for example, which is more suitable for girls’ rooms.

4. Simple 2-room Industrial House Design

Homes with industrial designs are currently in great demand by millennials. Its characteristics are metal material, mixed with cement mortar, and some parts are left unfinished. So that it doesn’t feel gloomy, mix it with brightly colored interior accessories. A simple but artistic industrial design makes a simple 2-room house feel unique and comfortable. It is suitable for you millennials who live in urban areas.

5. Simple 2-room Natural House Design

The existence of parks and green spaces around the house really makes the appearance of the house more comfortable. Home is the ultimate stress relief vehicle. Where do you want to go if not home? Well, there’s nothing wrong with redesigning your home with a neat and functional garden, so that it no longer loses its function as a comfortable place to relieve stress.

6. Simple 2 Bedroom 2 Floor House Design

Sometimes you have plans to add a floor above the house. Of course with the aim to increase the space. Therefore, early on it’s a good idea to start considering choosing the location of the stairs that you will build later. Maybe at this time we still can’t afford to add two floors, but it’s okay to start preparing from now. Most importantly, prepare no that can support if a second floor is to be built in the future.

7. Simple 2-room house design with veranda

This minimalist 2-room house design is equipped with a terrace, so you have a comfortable outdoor hanging area. No half-hearted, there are two open spaces at once in the house. One room can be accessed from the bedroom and dining room, while the other is a small terrace in the other bedroom. Optimum utilization of space is the main key of this layout. We can see that a small house can accommodate a lot of space, as long as you are careful in dividing each area.

8. Simple 2-room house design with carport

Adding a carport is also something you should think about if you own a vehicle, or intend to own a four-wheeled vehicle. The kitchen room also does not only have to be placed at the back of the house. Currently, in order to make it easier to shout at the vegetable seller, the kitchen is positioned slightly to the front. Having a garden in front of the kitchen also invites a feeling of relaxation, especially when cooking.

9. Simple 2-room house design with a mini closet

This tiny minimalist residential layout is very copyable, especially for those of you who want a simple layout without having to include a lot of furniture. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, and even a mini closet to store your clothing collection. The trick to keeping a room spacious is choosing the right furniture.

Instead of using a wardrobe, you can use a clothes hanger. Position the dining room, kitchen and living room in one area. The concept of an open space house seems suitable to be implemented if land availability is limited. Occupations that adapt this concept will have a room that looks more spacious and less stuffy. The bedroom also doesn’t need to be filled with lots of stuff. Besides the bed, you can add a work desk or personal clothes rack.

10. Simple 2-room house design with patio

Dream of having a patio at home? Small minimalist house with two rooms apparently can also be equipped with a patio, as in this one layout. You don’t have to sacrifice one of the bedrooms, because the patio can still function well even though it’s not too large.

Placing a dining table on the outside of the house can be a brilliant idea to try, because an outdoor dining room is considered difficult to implement in a minimalist home. Mini kitchens and dining rooms in the house also don’t need to be too big. In addition to saving space, this trick can also make the house look more spacious. 10 Simple 2 Room House Designs

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