Right in time for planning next school year, I have updated and expanded the formerly 81-page but now 104-page Daily Learning Notebook and Calendar Printables Packet for Catholic Kids.

This year includes one of my biggest changes to the Daily Learning Notebook Hasil Togel Hongkong and Calendar Packet. I have expanded it in the past, but this year I expanded it more than I have in the past – including adding twice as many monthly coloring pages as it previously had. However, I also changed two parts that previously had dates that were specific to the year. Now all sections are undated.

Three years ago, I also added a new mini coloring book to the packet as well! It’s the Mary Coloring Book featured here.

Now, let’s get back to what I shared about this awesome daily learning packet when I first published it in 2015 (with some modifications):

Instead of putting together a Saints Printables Packet for the month of July, I decided to work on something a little different, which would be fabulous to use throughout the whole school year: the Daily Learning Notebook and Calendar Printables Packet for Catholic Kids. Whew! That’s a mouthful!

I’m super excited about it, and I hope you will be too!

Catholic Daily Learning and Calendars Printables Packet

Important Note: The Daily Calendar and Learning Pages Packet is an electronic file that you will download and print. No physical product will be shipped to you.

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Daily Calendar and Learning Pages Packet for Catholic Kids is also available to purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

This 104-page packet features daily and monthly activities that work on skills such as calendar, dates, graphing, handwriting, learning about saints, and more. Farther down, I’ll give a rundown of the packet’s pages.

The appropriate ages for this packet vary. I don’t usually like to assign an age group to these kinds of things because there is such a variation among children and their abilities.

However, I think this packet can easily be used with preschool – 2nd grade children.

Catholic Daily Learning Page on a Clipboard

The Daily Learning Notebook and Calendar Printables Packet Includes:

“Today is…” page

(14 total pages; 12 pages are month specific)

Note: one page in the packet omits the liturgical season and feast day sections, and students pick the actual season it is; plus, there is a Bible verse at the bottom of the page.

  • Identify the day of the week
  • Identify or write out the date (depending on which page option you use)
  • Write how many days they have been in school – both writing it out as a number, such as 124, and then breaking it down into hundreds, tens, and ones
  • Identify which season it currently is
  • Pick the liturgical season and write out the feast day

100 Days Chart

(1 total page)

This page features a chart with 100 squares. Have your children color in one square for each day of school.

When they get to the 100th day of school, consider doing something special. The bottom of this page features an appropriate verse of Scripture.

Catholic Daily Learning and Coloring Pages

“This is How I Write My Name” Page

(6 total pages)

It’s amazing how children’s handwriting changes as they practice to learn how to write and as they get older and continue improving their handwriting.

With these pages, there is one line for each month. Pick one day per month to have your student write their name, and then marvel at the difference at the end of the school year!

Three pages are dated from August – July. The other three pages are the same, but they simply have a spot to write the date in, in case the first set of dates don’t work for how you will be using the packet.

Each page features an appropriate verse from Scripture. There are three different verses used.

Monthly Calendar Pages

(36 total pages)

Catholic Calendar Page for Kids

There are monthly calendar pages for July – August. There are three different versions of these calendar pages. All of the pages are undated, and students will need to write the numbers of the dates themselves. However, if you prefer to have students trace numbers, there is a page with boxes with the traceable numbers 1 – 31 that can be cut out and glued to the correct boxes on the calendar.

The three calendar page versions are:

  • Undated calendars with the month name in bubble letters that can be colored
  • Undated calendars with the month’s name as well as the Catholic dedication for the month and small black and white graphics to coordinate with the month’s dedication
  • Undated calendars with the month’s name as well as the Catholic dedication for the month and small color graphics to coordinate with the month’s dedication

Weather Chart Page

(12 total pages)

Catholic Calendar and Weather Pages for Kids

This page has the month’s name at the top, such as “My January Weather Chart” and then an appropriate verse from Scripture underneath (the same verse is on all of the pages). Students can then color in a box each day declaring the weather to be either: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, windy, or snowy.

Post continues after this brief information about a monthly membership to help you live the liturgical year

Monthly Liturgical Membership

Catholic Liturgical Monthly Membership

Perfect for families! Each month you gain access to printable activity pages, crafts, home altar pieces, and more.

Never has living the liturgical year been so easy and affordable!


While I know these weather conditions are sometimes present on the same day, just tell kids to pick the one they think is the best fit for each day.

At the end of the month, there is a question that asks students to choose the type of weather that happened the most that month.

“I can help Jesus” Page

(2 total pages)

At the end of each month, children can be given this page to think of words or actions they used in that month where they helped Jesus by helping other people. This might be something as simple as sharing a cookie with their brother or something bigger like raking leaves for a neighbor.

This is a great way to encourage kids to help others, as well as to reflect on the things they have done.

One page features an open space where kids can write words or draw a picture. On the second page option, there are just lines for writing.

Monthly Saint Coloring Pages

(24 total pages)

Our Lady of the Rosary Coloring Page

For each month, there are two saint coloring pages. Each month features one female saint and one male saint. One is in the first half of the month and one in the second half of the month.

I would encourage you to learn more about each saint and share information with your children while they are coloring or prior to it. I also tried to include saints from various places in the world.

These are the saints included for each month:

  • January: Saint Basil the Great and Saint Marianne Cope
  • February: Saint Blaise and Saint Isabel of France
  • March: Saint Louise de Marillac and Saint Oscar Romero
  • April: Saint Lydwine (I love her ice skates!) and Saint Mark the Evangelist
  • May: Saint Damien of Molokai and Saint Joan of Arc
  • June: Saint Charles Lwanga and Saint María Guadalupe García Zavala
  • July: Saint Louis Martin and Our Lady of Carmel
  • August: Saint Lawrence and Saint Monica
  • September: Saint Kieran the Younger and Saint Agatha Kim A-gi
  • October: Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Jean de Brebeuf
  • November: Saint Pope Leo the Great and Our Lady of Kibeho
  • December: Saint Juan Diego and Saint Fabiola

If you want more saints coloring pages, a perfect addition to this learning packet is the saints coloring books for the whole year. There is a coloring book for each month filled with saints!

Saints Coloring Books for the Whole Year

My Book about Mary Coloring Book

(3 pages to make a six-page coloring book that uses half-size pages, plus a terms of use page for the coloring book)

I added this coloring book to the packet two years ago. You can also get the Mary coloring book all on its own through this post.

The coloring book has a cover that can be colored in and then half-sized pages featuring six pictures of Mary that can be colored in with the Marian feast days listed for each, which happen throughout the year.

Pages included in the Mary Coloring Book:

  • Terms of use page for the coloring book
  • Coloring Book Front Cover (with a picture to color as well)
  • February 11: Our Lady of Lourdes
  • May 13: Our Lady of Fatima
  • June 27: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • July 16: Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • August 21: Our Lady of Knock
  • December 12th: Our Lady of Guadalupe (Here is a whole printables packet for Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego)
  • Back Cover

This coloring book is in the same style as the books in the whole year set. So, if you like it, you might want to pick up the other 12 coloring books just like it and use one each month with your kids.

Mary Printables for Kids from Real Life at Home

Terms of Use for the Daily Learning Notebook and Calendar Printables Packet

Catholic Daily Learning Notebook, Calendar, and Coloring Pages Packet

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By paying for this packet, you help to make it possible for me to continue offering packets like this.

There are other terms of use on the first page of the packet, so please be sure to read through them before you use pages from the packet.

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Important Note: The Daily Learning Notebook and Calendar Printables Packet is an electronic file that you will download and print.  No physical product will be shipped to you.

Daily Calendar and Learning Pages Packet for Catholic Kids is also available to purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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