Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week on Home and Away, Justin’s relationship with Leah runs into trouble.

Elsewhere, the Parata family team up to prank Theo, while Rose finds herself in an awkward situation with Cash.

Here’s a full collection of 10 big moments coming up.

1. Justin spends a night away from Leah

theo poulos and justin morgan in home and away

Channel 5

Tensions run high after Justin tells Chloe that she’s spending too much time at the Morgan house. When Chloe gets upset and rushes off, Theo fears that he might have lost his girlfriend for good. Leah is also unhappy, as Justin claimed that she was the one who felt Chloe was outstaying her welcome.

When Justin refuses to apologise, Leah orders him to sleep on the couch. Justin goes a step further by going to stay at John’s place for the night.

2. Theo and Chloe play peacemaker

theo poulos and justin morgan in home and away

Channel 5

Theo and Chloe manage to get their own relationship back on track. The young couple then turn their attentions to getting Justin and Leah back on speaking terms.

Chloe manages to get Leah to visit Justin at John’s house. With everyone gathered together, Chloe apologises for overstepping the boundaries recently. Chloe sets some ground rules over her future visits to the Morgan house, which helps to finally ease the tension between Justin and Leah.

3. Nikau and Tane prank Theo

theo poulos, nikau parata and tane paratain home and away

Channel 5

Chloe convinces Theo to come to a Parata family barbecue, but he’s nervous as he hasn’t yet managed to bond with Nikau or Tane. The Paratas remember how they pranked Ryder when he started dating Chloe, so they decide to give Theo similar treatment.

Theo endures some playful jibes throughout the barbecue and fears that he isn’t very popular with Chloe’s family. However, when Tane pushes Theo into the pool for a final prank, Theo sees the funny side and is pleased to finally be welcomed into the family afterwards.

4. Logan leaves the Bay

mackenzie booth and logan bennett in home and away

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Logan contacts the army to enquire about re-enlisting. When Mac later seeks out Logan at the hospital, she finds that he has already been replaced by new guy Dr Bolton.

Mac is sad that Logan left without saying goodbye. She sends him a voice message and he responds, admitting that he couldn’t stay in the Bay any longer after his difficult few months.

5. Xander clashes with the new doctor

xander delaney in home and away

Channel 5

Xander brings a patient, Jackie, into the hospital. Jackie says that she’s in considerable pain, but Dr Bolton dismisses her complaints.

When Dr Bolton continues to seem unhelpful towards Jackie, Xander makes her aware that she’s entitled to a second opinion. Dr Bolton feels that Xander is undermining him, leading to a row.

6. Xander receives news about Dr Bolton

xander delaney and jasmine delaney in home and away

Channel 5

Xander realises he may have chosen the wrong doctor to challenge when he learns that Bolton is the new head of the ED. Jasmine expresses concerns that Xander has focused excessive efforts on a patient who isn’t his responsibility.

Later, it emerges that the patient who Xander advised to get a second opinion has a burst ovarian cyst. As this wasn’t Bolton’s only mistake from his shift, he’s told not to come back.

7. Ziggy returns to face Dean

dean thompson and ziggy astoni in home and away

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Ziggy returns home and faces Dean following their clash over Dean’s connections to the River Boys. The couple have clearly missed each other, but Ziggy is still worried that Dean could ultimately be endangering his life by staying associated with the surfer gang.

Ziggy warns that she can’t stay with Dean if he remains linked to the River Boys, but he encourages her to see that she needs to accept him for who he is.

8. Cash and Rose spend the night together

embargo 27062022 cash newman and rose delaney in home and away

Channel 5

While Jasmine is busy on a night shift, Cash lets his hair down by getting drunk at the Paratas’ barbecue. He then continues to knock back drinks with Rose, but he regrets indulging so much when he realises that he doesn’t want Jasmine to see him drunk.

The next morning, Cash wakes up in Rose’s car with only hazy memories from the night before. Rose sets the record straight by explaining that nothing happened between them, but they slept in the car together as she was too drunk to drive them home.

Although Cash hasn’t cheated, he’s left with the dilemma of whether to tell Jasmine what happened between him and her sister.

9. Jasmine leaves the Bay

jasmine delaney and rose delaney in home and away

Channel 5

Jasmine receives a call informing her that Robbo’s mother has suffered a heart attack. She decides to go and stay on the Shaws’ family farm, helping out while Wendy recovers.

Cash decides that it’s not the right time to tell Jasmine about his awkward mistake with Rose, but he privately promises to let her know once she’s back.

In reality, Cash may not get the chance as Sam Frost – who played Jasmine – has left the soap for good.

10. Mac receives worrying news

embargo 27062022 mackenzie booth in home and away

Channel 5

Dean receives a worrying phone call and seeks out Mac to discuss it.

Mac is horrified to hear that the real estate agent has called, confirming that her rent is six weeks overdue and she’s being evicted in seven days’ time.

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