Things take a life-threatening turn for Tane Parata (played by Ethan Browne) on today’s episode of Home and Away (1:15pm – see our TV Guide for listings)…

Tane and his girlfriend, Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) decide to pop into Salt for a late-night drink after closing the gym.

But the couple walk straight into TROUBLE!

A couple of dodgy dudes, armed and dangerous, are demanding that restaurant boss, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) empty the till and give ’em the cash.

Mackenzie’s brother, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), is also caught-up in the late-night fright.

The thugs start smashing bottles of booze and trashing the restaurant.

Dean leaps into action and tackles one of the thugs, while Tane attacks the other.

But the two thugs manage to make their escape.

In the aftermath of the commotion, a frantic Felicity is horrified to discover blood on Tane’s hands an stomach…

Tane has been stabbed!

Home and Away spoilers, Mackenzie Booth, Felicity Newman, Tane Parata, Dean Thompson

It’s not looking good for Tane when he’s stabbed during an attempted robbery at Salt on Home and Away… (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Meanwhile, Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) remains curious as to why Felicity was trying to get her policeman brother, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), to investigate mystery man, Peter ‘PK’ King.

Rose decides to carry out her own unofficial investigation into both PK and his associate, Nathan Silva (Ryan Panizza).

It appears that Nathan has a history of bankruptcy.

He was facing possible prison time for unpaid debts… until SOMEONE bailed Nathan out of his debts at the last moment.

Could that someone have been PK?

And just what are PK and Nathan up to now? 

Home and Away spoilers, Nathan Silva

WHAT is no-good Nathan doing back at Salt on Home and Away? (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

John Palmer (Shane Withington) is still singing the praises of lifesaver, Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), after his BIG beach rescue of hospital patient, Millie.

But Surf Club boss, John’s bubble is burst when he discovers that volunteer Nikau is planning to QUIT!

Nikau needs to find a job that pays so he can help out his family.

John is determined not to lose his star lifesaver.

But where is he going to find the money to turn Nikau’s lifeguard role into a paid job?

Home and Away spoilers, Nikau Parata

Will Nikau QUIT his job as a volunteer lifesaver on Home and Away? (Image credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm on Channel 5

By TerBaru