Most Beautiful Small Towns Around the World. Gorgeous small towns aren’t particularly hard to find (though many do require quite a bit of effort to reach). Of all the lovely locales in every corner of the globe, some spots have a picturesque quality and presence that make them truly unmissable. It’s about that inimitable blend of scenic landscapes, striking architecture, and the way that culture permeates visually.

Many pint-sized destinations dazzle, but the little gems that take your breath away don’t come around as often. Popular picks like Portofino and Gordes draw tourists from around the globe, while others such as Shirakawa-go and Ilulissat fall into the unsung heroes category. Regardless of where these small towns sit on the notoriety scale, all are worth traveling even great distances to see with your own eyes.

01.Gordes, France

Ancient hilltop village of Gordes, Provence, France
Gordes tends to be swarming with tourists during the summer months. But can you really blame visitors for wanting to soak in the magic of one of the most beautiful villages in France, if not the world? Perched high on a cliff above the valley, it’s a must-see destination with cobbled lanes, churches, and a monastery punctuated by lavender fields that look like they’ve been plucked from the pages of a storybook.

02.Shirakawa-go, Japan

Shirakawago in autumn time, Japan
The dreamy village of Shirakawa-go, located in Japan’s Ōno District, ranks among the snowiest places on the planet — an average of 400 inches of powder falls each year. All this frosting gives its UNESCO-listed thatched-roof gasshō-zukuri structures an extra layer of sparkle. After the winter wonderland vibes dissipate and the weather warms up, also this traditional and tranquil hamlet turns on the woodland charm as the hillsides turn a deep, rich green and colorful, fragrant wildflowers bloom.

03.Giethoorn, Netherlands

Home along canal in Giethoorn, Netherlands
Approximaely 2,800 people call Giethoorn (a.k.a. the “Venice of the Netherlands”) home. This idyllic village in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel is lauded for its hand-dug canals, 176 bridges that connect the small island to the mainland, foot and bike paths, and thatched-roof houses dating back to the 18th century. Because such an infrastructure doesn’t support cars, residents (and the close to one million tourists who visit each year) get around by sailing, walking, and cycling.

04.Stepantsminda, Georgia

Gergeti Trinity Church and Mount Kazbek in Stepantsminda, Georgia
Set along the road-trip-worthy Georgian Military Road, also Stepantsminda, commonly referred to as Kazbegi, is a halcyon townlet in the Caucasus Mountains of northeastern Georgia. It’s fabled for its 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church that’s set at an elevation of 7,119 feet above sea level and the mammoth snow-covered peak of Mount Kazbek. This valley village also swirls with ancient mythology, which only adds to its mystique.

05.Oia, Greece

Sunset, Oia, Santorini, Greece
There’s a reason — OK, many — that tourists flock to Oia on the northwestern tip of Santorini each summer, also turning this sleeping little fishing village into a bonafide hot spot. Yes, the sheer number of holidaygoers draws criticism from locals and longtime visitors, but it’s hard to fault anyone for wanting to catch sight of the whitewashed Cyclades houses clinging to the cliffs, sparkling Aegean Sea, famous caldera, and sherbet-hued sunsets IRL.

06.Cherrapunji, India

Calm river surrounded by dense forest, in Cherrapunji, India
An entirely different world from the nonstop chaos of major cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, Cherrapunji, also known as Sohra, shows off a far more serene side of India. This high-altitude small town in the East Khasi Hills of the northeast Indian state of Meghalaya is prized for its living root bridges, also magnificent waterfalls, and lush forests. How does Cherrapunji stay so green all the time? It’s one of the wettest places on the planet, with an average annual rainfall of approximately 450 inches.

07.Guatapé, Colombia

colourful colonial architecture in Guatape, Colombia
Venture two hours east of Medellín and you’ll come across a vibrant Andean resort town with beauty of both the natural and human-made variety. Camera-ready Guatapé is a masterpiece of brightly colored facades adorned with cheerful hand-painted frescoes. It also has a vast artificial lake that’s a pretty and popular spot for water sports. Piedra del Peñol looms large to the southwest. Travelers can climb hundreds of steps to the top for panoramic views.

08.Stowe, Vermont

Misty autumn morning in Stowe, Vermont
Of the many beautiful small towns in the Green Mountain State, northern Vermont’s Stowe continues to wow with covered bridges, also quintessential New England architecture, and stunning scenery that changes with each season. It’s a winter dreamworld with heaps of powder, frozen Bingham Falls, ski slopes, also groomed cross-country skiing paths, and ice skating. In the warmer months, also attention turns toward hiking trails and verdant mountain views in Smugglers’ Notch State Park.

09.Ban Rak Thai, Thailand

Terracotta house in green tea plantation of Rak Thai Village, Mae Hong Son Province
With a population under 1,000, also Ban Rak Thai is the definition of a sleepy small town. Its far-flung location in northwestern Thailand keeps this stunning village under wraps and not overrun with throngs of tourists. That means not having to maneuver through crowds to peep the lush mountains, tea plantations, also and homes accented with traditional Chinese lanterns. To see the tranquil beauty of Ban Rak Thai at its best, also rise early to watch the mist rolling off the lake.

10.Portofino, Italy Prediksi Togel Eyangjitu

Portofino, Liguria, Italy
Travelers flood into the glamorous coastal enclave of Portofino during the summer to admire the pastel-hued houses, also marvel at the megayachts in the harbor, and sip Negronis at the glitzy Piazzetta-side bars. The path leading to Castello Brown supplies arresting views of the town and sea. With a bit of luck, also you might be able to snag a restaurant reservation at La Terrazza at Splendido, A Belmond Hotel to twirl spaghetti on a wisteria-draped terrace overlooking the glimmering bay.

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