Photographer Chases Down Lost Luggage Using Airtags, Finds Bag At 1AM In Miami Home

Chicago-based photographer named Alex Garcia was traveling back from Havana and overnighted in Miami on Thursday. After waiting for hours to clear passport control he headed to the baggage carousel for his luggage, but he couldn’t find his bag.

He’d placed an AirTag in it, and he knew that it left the airport. Police there were uninterested. So he decided to chase it down himself.

The Pulitzer Prize winner, who has previously done work for the Chigao Tribune and Los Angeles Times, decide to take an Uber for the 10 mile trip to track down his bag. He didn’t want to be without it when he left for Chicago in the morning.

When he arrived he found a home with the lights on and it appeared his bag was inside. He knocked. No one came to the door. They called the police. He told the cops his story, they spoke to the homeowners. They came out and returned the bag.

My first thought was that perhaps they’d brought the wrong bag home. Airlines are always reminding passengers that ‘many bags look alike’. Perhaps they’d even opened the bag and realized it wasn’t theirs. Not everyone reports that immediately (or perhaps at all). Garcia is doubtful, since his bag had red twist ties on it to stand out uniquely.

Always AirTag your bags if you’re in the Apple ecosystem (Android alternatives don’t quite measure up), but don’t try this at home kids. Showing up at a Miami-area home after 1 a.m. accusing someone of theft (even if it’s true) can be dangerous to your health.

By TerBaru