Being richly endowed with nature’s magnificent attractions, such as Mount Agung, Bali is an ultimate destination for adventurous visitors. Famously known as the Land of Gods, the locale features uniquely carved temples, beautiful culture, looming volcanoes, and intricately established rice fields. Bali’s state-of-the-art beaches and resorts are a dream come true for tourists. From colorful ceremonies, dramatic dances, and spectacular art, here are 10 unmissable things to do in Bali.

10 Hiking On Mt. Batur

A trek on Mt. Batur is a perfect activity for tourists who are down for a physical challenge on the mountain’s beautiful scenery. This place is home to two active volcanoes, south peak and north peak summits. Moreover, a guided tour using mini-buses is ideal for travelers not accustomed to higher altitudes. Hiking up and climbing down provides a phenomenal, natural experience that makes tourists want to visit over and over again.

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9 Explore Bukit Peninsula

Bukit Peninsula is a perfect landing for tourists looking for an extraordinary beach life experience. The Nyang Nyang beach rewards visitors with a tranquil view of turquoise waters and glistering white sand. Tourists visiting Tanah Lot Beach can view an iconic rock formation rising out of crystal clear waters. Lucky visitors may catch a glimpse of dolphins and sea turtles swimming close to the shore. Moreover, high-end travelers enjoy the great nightlife at luxurious party-oriented clubs. What more? Peninsula has superb dining locations for local dishes and exotic hotels for accommodation.

8 Visit Goa Gajah And Tanah Lot

History buffs should never miss the opportunity of learning about the religious practices of 16th-century king Airlangga. He is believed to have established the Goa Gajah temple in the 11th century as a place of worship and meditation. It’s famously known as the Elephant Cave due to its elephant-like architectural design. Apart from enjoying its breathtaking views, religious tourists can rejuvenate their minds through meditation and prayer. Meanwhile, Tanah Lot offers a spectacular view of the sunset to visiting travelers. The temple is rich in local culture, so it’s highly rated for cultural tourism. To get there, visitors use water taxis available at an affordable rate.

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7 Experience The Magnificent Waterfall Bathe In Uluwatu

The southern coast of Bali offers nature lovers one of the most spectacular waterfalls. Uluwatu’s stunning rock formations are situated amid beautiful Suluban beach, making it popular among adventure enthusiasts. Tourists enjoy bathing under waterfalls such as SingSing while enjoying nature’s breathtaking views. To get to Uluwatu, visitors prefer public transport from Sanur or Kuta.

6 Visit Waterbom Park, Nusa Dua And Ride Down The Water Slides

Visiting Waterbom Park, Nusa Dua, is an awesome idea for a family vacation. Spending a day with kids in the location is delightful such that it calls for a do-over. The park is equipped with nine waterslides ranging from kid-friendly leisure rides to blood-curdling speed slides and a wave pool. For the best kids’ experience, the park offers a wide range of activities, including water cannons, tipping buckets, temporary tattoos, and hair braiding.

5 Amazing Photography In Bali

Bali offers photographers amazing photographic sceneries ranging from exotic beaches, art, natural waterfalls, volcanic mountains, and religious structures. Bingin Beach in Uluwatu has spectacular photogenic boulders and seaweed-covered rocks. Goa Gajah temple is captivatingly shaped like an elephant making it a perfect spot for photography. While strolling across Mt. Batur, photographers can capture amazing views of an active volcano.

4 Visit The Magnificent Kintamani

Surrounded by sublime highland, Kintamani is an ideal destination for agriculture and history enthusiasts looking for an enjoyable exploration. The town boasts famous coffee plantations and museums where visitors can learn how to establish coffee farms. In addition, they learn tons about coffee culture and the history of its commencement on the island. Meanwhile, travelers can enjoy the stunning views of Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung. Moreover, the town has hot springs for explorers who enjoy soaking in natural pools

Tourists experience one of the most exotic shopping experiences in Bali at Ubud Market, Sukuwati Art market, Tegallalang Handicrafts Centre, and Guwang Arts Market. These vibrant island markets are well stocked with fashion accessories and household artifacts. Tourists can acquire extraordinary souvenirs at Ubud’s Textile art Centre. Additionally, high-end tourists can shop for luxurious jewelry at Celuk Village gold and Silver Centre. Moreover, visitors can acquire handmade products from Balinese people at Kuta Beachwalk.

2 Visit West Bali National Park

Tourists are treated to the extraordinary beauty of wildlife and nature at West Bali National Park. The park is endowed with picturesque mountains, green forests, crystal clear waters, and beaches. Being a natural habitat for hundreds of wildlife species and a sanctuary for endangered birds on the island, West Bali is popular among biologists. In addition, marine biologists visit the park to study seabirds, fish farming, and coral reef exploration.

1 Visit Ulun Danu And Taman Ayun Temples

Tourists enjoy climbing Mount Agung, an active volcano, to get to the temple, which is popular among Bali visitors for its distinctive architecture and unique culture. On the other hand, the Taman Ayun temple is a must-visit for history buffs since it bears rich historical significance as the place where Mengwi kings and queens worshiped. It’s also the second-largest temple on the island, so it’s a top attraction site for cultural tourism.

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